The Top 10 Longest Railway Platforms in the World

The Top 10 Longest Railway Platforms in the World

There are all sorts of railway platforms around the world and some are much more interesting than others. Some are pretty, some are ugly, some are short and then there are others like these ten that are the longest railway platforms in the world and their length is simply crazy…

The Top 10 Longest Railway Platforms in the World

Sonepur railway station

10 – Sonepur railway station, India – Longest Platform Length: 738 m (2,421 ft)

Wiki Info: Sonpur is a Sub-division in the Indian state of Bihar, situated on the banks of the River Gandak (River Narayani) in the Saran district. Sonpur once famous for its longest Railway Platform also hosts world’s largest Cattle Fair which starts on Kartik Poornima.

Kalgoorlie railway station

9 – Kalgoorlie railway station, Western Australia – Longest Platform Length: 760 m (2,493 ft)

Wiki Info: Construction of the railway station and yard was begun in the late 1890s, as part of the extension of the Eastern Goldfields Railway from Coolgardie in January 1897. The station was formally opened by the Governor of Western Australia, Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Gerard Smith KCMG, at a ceremony held on the station platform on 8 September 1896.

East Perth railway station

8 – East Perth railway station, Western Australia – Longest Platform Length: 770 m (2,526 ft)

Wiki Info: The original East Perth railway station opened in 1883, and in the early 20th century was found the name East Perth Junction (the junction being the line that proceeded to Armadale joined the Eastern Railway close to the station. It was renamed Claisebrook in 1969.

Jhansi Junction railway station

7 – Jhansi Junction railway station, India – Longest Platform Length: 770 m (2,526 ft)

Wiki Info: Jhansi Junction is a major railway junction in the city of Jhansi in Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the busiest and largest railway stations in India. It is a major intercity hub and a technical stoppage for many superfast trains in India. Jhansi has its own division in the North Central Railway zone of Indian Railways. It lies on the main Delhi-Chennai and Delhi-Mumbai line. The station code is JHS. The Station Director is Girish Kanchan. Vivaan Solar, a Gwalior based company has won a contract to install a total of 1.5 MW rooftop solar power project at the wagon repair workshop of Jhansi Junction railway station.

Cheriton Shuttle Terminal

6 – Cheriton Shuttle Terminal, United Kingdom – Longest Platform Length: 791 m (2,595 ft)

Wiki Info: As part of the Channel Tunnel project, the plan for services included the use of dedicated shuttle trains that would carry both passenger and freight vehicles between Britain and France, which would compete with the cross-channel ferries. In order to accommodate these services, it was planned to build a brand new vehicle terminal on each side of the tunnel that would allow cars and lorries to be loaded quickly onto the trains. The site chosen for the British terminal was Cheriton, in Folkestone, Kent, not far from the British tunnel portal.

Bilaspur railway station

Wiki Info: The railway station came up in 1889 with the opening of Rajnandgaon to Bilaspur extension of erstwhile Nagpur Chhattisgarh Railway taken over by Bengal Nagpur Railway and construction of the Nagpur-Asansol main line of Bengal Nagpur Railway, which opened in 1891. The station building was constructed in 1890. It became a station on the cross-country Howrah-Nagpur-Mumbai line in 1900.

State Street subway

4 – State Street subway, US – Longest Platform Length: 1,067 m (3,501 ft)

Wiki Info: The State Street subway is an underground section of the Red Line “L” which is located in The Loop. It is 4.9 mi (7.9 km) long and has a boarding average of 53,601 passengers every weekday as of February 2013. It owes its name to State Street which it runs below. Since the subway is operated by the Red Line, it serves passengers 24 hours a day/7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Kharagpur Railway Junction Station

3 – Kharagpur Railway Junction Station, India – Longest Platform Length: 1,072.5 m (3,519 ft)

Wiki Info: Kharagpur Junction came up in 1898-99. On one side, Bengal Nagpur Railway’s Kharagpur-Cuttack line was opened on New Year’s Day in 1899. On the other hand, the opening of the bridge over the Rupnarayan River at Kolaghat, on 19 April 1900, connected Howrah with Kharagpur. Kharagpur was also linked with Sini the same year. The line was ready in 1898-99. The Kharagpur-Midnapore branch line was opened to traffic in 1901.

Kollam Junction

2 – Kollam Junction, India – Longest Platform Length: 1,180.5 m (3,873 ft)

Wiki Info: Kollam Junction railway station is a junction station situated in the city of Kollam in Kerala, India. It is the second largest railway station in Kerala in terms of area and is one of the oldest railway stations in the state. India’s second longest railway platform is situated at Kollam railway station. Kollam Junction lies on Kollam-Thiruvananthapuram trunk line. It is an A-class station operated by the Southern Railway Zone of the Indian Railways and comes under the Thiruvananthapuram railway division.

Gorakhpur railway station,

1 – Gorakhpur railway station, India – Longest Platform Length: 1,366.33 m (4,483 ft)

Wiki Info: The Northeast Gorakhpur Railway Station is located in the city of Gorakhpur in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It serves as the headquarters of the North Eastern Railway. The station offers Class A railway station facilities. On 6 October 2013, Gorakhpur became the world’s longest railway platform, after the inauguration of the remodelled Gorakhpur Yard, with a stretch of around 1.34 kilometres (0.84 mi).

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