The Top 10 Hottest Selling Kids Toys for Christmas 2017

The Top 10 Hottest Selling Kids Toys for Christmas 2017

Looking for some of the hottest selling toys for Christmas 2017? I have checked various stats and toy sales numbers to come up with the top ten hottest selling kids toys this year and there are more than a few here that I have never heard of before…

The Top 10 Hottest Selling Kids Toys for Christmas 2017

FurReal Roarin’ Tyler the Playful Tiger

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If you don’t think Tyler the playful tiger cub is cute to look at you will love him once you see him perform any of his 100 sound-and-motion combinations that bring him to life. A lot of people say this is overpriced, but the tech inside of him is amazing and every motion looks super smooth and fluid.

Nerf Battle Racer Ride-on Go-Kart

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There will be boys all over the world hoping that this makes it into their Christmas stocking, but due to its high price, a lot of them will be disappointed. But I have to say it looks awesome and even has room for plenty of NERF guns!

Teddy Ruxpin 2017

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For any parent who once owned a Teddy Ruxpin way back in the 80’s you will be happy to hear Teddy Ruxpin is back, cuter than ever and now comes with his own interactive app and story mode. The tech inside of him might have changed, but on the outside he the same bear you will recognise and love.

Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio

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Believe it or not, Play-Doh has been around since the 1950’s and much like LEGO it has changed and adapted to a new technological age and this is the result. The little ones (or adults when they go to bed) make and shake Play-Doh characters and then you can watch them come to life on the screen! Believe me, it’s cooler than it sounds.


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If you thought Hatchimals was so last year you should think again. Thanks to a new range of Glittering Garden creatures there are not more things to hatch than a year on a chicken farm!

Kidizoom Vtech DX Smart Watch

Remeber the days when smartwatches where high tech things that were for adults only and every adult wanted one? Wel…me neither, but now you can get them for kids and they love them! But it does have to be said that they are more fun than you might first think with loads of educational apps as well as a Camera built in!

DropMix Music Gaming System

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Most people will remember Harmonix from their days spent playing Rock Band, but now they have teamed up with Hasbro to make a game that is a card game and a video game combined and it makes this a fast-paced music mixing game that the whole family can play. Its perfect for any young budding DJ.

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch

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Without a Super Mario game at launch the Nintendo Switch had a pretty poor start, but now their star plumber is here this will sell out faster than toupees in a hurricane!

L.O.L Surprise Balls

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There might be a lot of parents complaining that they are overpriced, but kids (especially girls) love them for there collectable value as well as being able to carry the whole playset with lovable characters around with them wherever they go. The Big Surprise ball is what everyone is after, but the little L.O.L surprise balls are easier to get hold of.

WowWee’s Fingerlings Pet Baby Monkeys

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These are WowWee’s Fingerlings Pet Baby Monkeys and they are basically interactive pets that respond to sound, motion and even touch. Boys love them for the tech inside and girls love them because they are super cute. If you think you will get hold of any of these for Christmas, you are sadly mistaken.

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