Remember This ‘Pervert’ Receptionist From Jab We Met? Here’s What He Actually Do In Real Life

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It has been 9 years since the release of Jab We Met. “Jab We Met” is the most refreshing and classic Romantic Bollywood movie. We all have probably watched the movie more than once. With its amazing collection of songs and dialogues, this movie was one of the biggest hit of that year.The role of a bubbly girl Geet played by Kareena Kapoor has a special place in our heart. But wait you are missing out one major thing. Do you remember the creepy receptionist from “Jab We Met” at ‘Hotel Decent’ which was not so decent.

‘Hotel Decent’ was the hotel in which Shahid and Kareena decided to stay in to pass the night. Even though he is not an actor by profession, he nailed the scene. This was all because he is a brilliant theater artist and has been doing theaters for 21 years.

Actually, he was working as an art director for “Jab We Met”. It is said that many actors had declined the role of the receptionist because it was just a small appearance. But he came out as a savior for the director Imtiaz Ali.

This guy is currently the talk of the town. Now, you might be wondering what his actual profession is? His actual name is Teddy Maurya and is an art director by profession. Besides “Jab We Met” he has worked in many Bollywood movies.

His brother Vijay Maurya is a versatile and popularly known actor famous for his role of Dawood from Black Friday movie.

The last movie he did was ‘Rocky Handsome’, starring John Abraham in which he did an amazing work. He played the role of Luke Ferriera, Kevin’s brother in this movie.

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