People Who Work On Weekends, We Understand You!

Weekends are to sleep late, party hard, recover from the revelry from the night before, chill with friends and family or drown yourself in pure indolence.  But there are those who aren’t just as lucky as you. For them, weekends are just another time of the week at work and imagine how much more frustrating and disappointing that may be. People who get weekends off can probably never fathom what it is like to work on weekends. Its a whole new level of misery that you probably haven’t unlocked.

This one is for all those who have no idea about what it is like to work on weekends and for those poor souls who have to work the dreaded weekend shifts.

Your friends do not believe you when you tell them that you can’t chill because you work on weekends.

Working with a hangover is hell, but you have pretty much mastered it by now…or well..!

You hold your tears back scrolling through your friends epic party scenes and Sunday lunches with family.

Nobody wants to go out on a Sunday night with you or hang around with you on weekdays.

And if you do manage to get someone out on your version of a Friday, things get pretty dull.

sheldon dancing

You miss almost every family event because you are working.

office crying

You have learnt to enjoy your own company…..because there is literally no one to chill with.

You feel offended when someone tells you to have a nice weekend.

People who don’t get it ask what you actually do at work on a weekend.

There is hardly anyone at work with you…so you can totally be yourself!

You spend quality time with your friends on WhatsApp.

First day, first show? What’s that?!

You can never say TGIF because it has no meaning to you.

But you know what? A weekend isn’t all that great as it comes with long queues, traffic, overpriced movie tickets and people EVERYWHERE!! Hah, they can keep it ?



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