Lawyer Cleared 5 Million Kg Trash From Versova Beach! Transformation Pics Will Surprise You!

Mumbai is full of tourist spots where people from all around the world love to come and chill. However, one of its tourist place called Versova Beach was a centre of embarrassment until last year. The said beach had become a dumping source of solid waste & trash and hence started looking like a hell.

Hollywood star Leonardo Di Caprio shared a footage of the beach which had almost 5 million kg of trash last year.

#Regram #RG @UNEP: Versova Beach, #India. This weekend UNEP Patron of the Oceans @LewisPugh1 is taking part in what is likely the largest beach clean-up in history. The Versova Resident Volunteers working to clean this beach in Mumbai have cleared nearly 2 million kg of trash in the last ten months and their incredible collective effort shows no signs of stopping. #environment #cleanseas #inspiration #environnement #medioambiente #meioambiente

Now, as per the latest update, all the wastage and trash from the beach has been cleaned after a cleanliness drive of 85 weeks.

This is how the beach looks now.

The responsibility was taken by a lawyer named Afroz Shah, who along with the help of United Nations and 300 volunteers was able to complete the unimaginable task.

Here are some more pics of that shabby beach!




Afroz Shah took to Twitter to share this amazing news along with the latest pic of beach-

This is versova beach an hour back. Week 85 of cleanup.Versova beach is gorgeous and clean now.we have done our bit.We need to maintain it.

Have a look at the TRANSFORMATION!



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