Irish Woman Found Naked & Killed On Beach After Playing Holi In Goa

Goa is one of the most travelled destinations of India and not only Indians but a good number of foreigners also visit the beautiful place every year. This makes security a great concern which needs to be handled as the topmost priority. But a heinous incident that recently took place in Goa has shocked all and sundry.

Naked dead body of a 25 years old Irish woman named Danielle Mc Laughlin has been found on a Goa beach and police is not refusing the possibility of rape before murder. Sammy Tavares, a police officer, said,


“Earlier, we had rounded up some suspects. We are also trying to establish whether the victim was raped or not. The body was lying in a pool of blood without clothes and there were injuries to the head and face.”

The Goa police has arrested a criminal named Vikas Bhagat from Canacona village and is interrogating him. It is also said that the victim came to South Goa with a friend to celebrate Holi; however, she was staying at North Goa.

Source: Facebook

The lady also had a British passport as the Irish foreign ministry said,

“It has been confirmed that the woman travelled to India using a British passport, so the local British consulate have the lead responsibility in terms of dealings with the Indian authorities.”

Incidents like this definitely hamper the image of Goa at the International level and proper action is the need of the hour.

Many foreigners have lost their lives here in the last decade or so, such as Scarlett Keeling, the 15-yr school girl from England whose injured and semi-nude dead body was found on a beach in 2008. Two local men who were arrested under the charges of Scarlett’s rape and murder were released last September.


Police and court should make sure that the culprits are punished. What’s more, Goa should be made safe and secure for the tourists, as tourism is a major revenue generating sector for the destination.

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